Thursday, August 4, 2011

Iso Grifo For Sale In Germany

by Mike - 

Coys will be auctioning a 1967 Iso Grifo on 13 August 2011 at the "39th Oldtimer Grand Prix", Nurburgring, Germany.

Iso Grifos have been moving up in price quite strongly recently. However, the estimate for this car seems to be setting a new high mark.

The Coys estimate is: €195,000 - €250,000 ($276,000 - $354,000). The low estimate is higher than the sales price of £164,850 ($267,000) for the ex-Mike Hailwood Grifo which Coys sold in May 2011. Read more at this link.

If the high end of the estimate is reached then it may be a new world record for the public sale of an Iso Grifo.

Coys says "This car is in totally mint condition, mechanically and cosmetically".

Some observations by knowledgable Iso owners are:

1) The dashboard seems to be the wrong color, it should be a charcoal color and vinyl, not leather.

2) The wood dash is likely not an original Iso wood.

3) The wheels are not original to Iso but belong to a Lamborghini.

4) There is a question as to weather the engine should be painted silver or orange. GM painted them orange but by the time they made it into a Grifo they were silver, at least most of them were silver. Maybe some orange engines made it out of the Iso factory.

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