Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Bought An Iso - A Video By Moviecar

by Mike - 

This video is 1 minute and 51 seconds long but I laughed for an hour. The truth can be funny, especially when classic cars are involved.

I am sure this was made by a real Iso owner.

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  1. Reliable, yes. Sort of? When can we ride in the Iso? Mike Drysdale

  2. Mike,

    We can take a ride anytime.

  3. Hilarious movie!!!

  4. I have now learned the identity of the creator of this video. It is none other than Mike Clarke, the moderator of the Varedo Yahoo site and one of the ISO Bizzarrini Owners Club thought leaders. Yes, he owns an ISO Grifo and an Iso Fidia. So he speaks with great authority.

    When he makes a joke about ISO we all should laugh, or at least smile knowingly.