Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ferrari 250 GTO - It's Always Something

by Mike - 

An interesting article about the Ferrari 250 GTO is at this link in Automobile today. We have discussed a controversy about weather the GTO was really homologated and the writer in Automobile, Robert Cumberford, seems to agree with my statements here that it was not homologated. His quote is below.

"FIA rules for racing cars mandated that 100 examples be built, but only thirty-six (or thirty-three? Or thirty-nine? In any case, not 100) of Giotto Bizzarrini's 3.0-liter, V-12 hot rod were ever produced. Never mind Enzo Ferrari's deception, as I'm pretty sure there are more than 100 250GTOs around today; it's a pretty easy car to counterfeit. True, you can't fake provenance, at least not very easily, but the car itself is really quite simple: a tube frame, a supertuned engine pushed back and down in the chassis, and a live rear axle."

The artist, Dante, will show off a 24 karat gold Ferrari 250 GTO sculpture at the Pebble Beach RetroAuto event from August 19 through August 21 which is near the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

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  1. The argument put forth by Ferrari was that the GTO was merely an evolution of the SWB Berlinetta which had been homologated. True enough but not true enough for some. It became even less true when Ferrari made the same argument for the LM.

  2. Stephen,

    I am sure that Enzo Ferrari had a "reasonable" explanation. I am also sure that the Ferrari competitors did not agree with this explanation.

    But all's fair in racing, as long as you don't get caught.