Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monterey Car Week - Thursday

by Mike -

Today we planned to go to the Tour d'Elegance where many of the Pebble Beach cars drive into downtown Carmel and park on Ocean Avenue for 2-3 hours. This is the first year that we could not find a parking place so we went to Monterey and previewed the RM and Russo & Steele auction cars.

The Triumph TR6 at Russo & Steele is similar to the first car that I bought.

The street scene outside the Russo & Steele auction.

Chrysler concept cars outside the RM auction.

The best Ferraris were inside at RM.

You may have seen this Porsche 911 before in the movie Le Mans. Steve McQueen owned this car and drove it in the movie.

Cars waiting their turn outside at the RM auction.

We then went to the location of Concorso Italiano and parked the Bizzarrini and Iso Rivolta on the golf course to be ready for the event tomorrow. We will drive the Iso Grifo onto the field on Friday morning.

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