Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update - Best Car Photo Contest

by Mike -

A couple of questions have come up about this contest:

1) Do the pictures have to be of a car owned by you?

No, these can be pictures you took of any car at a show, the races or on the street.

2) What if I don't want my name mentioned but I still want to win the book?

It is not necessary for me to publish the name of the photographer.

So, get your pictures in early! There are only 6 days left! Win a free book!

You can win a FREE (including shipping) paperback copy of my book, European Style with American Muscle, by entering and winning the My Car Quest Best Car Photo Contest.

Here are the rules:

1) Email to me your best pictures of cars, no more than two pictures per email and no more than one email per day – put "My Car Quest Best Car Photo Contest" in the subject line and send the email, with the photos attached, to this address:

Provide this information in the email body:

* Make, model and year of the car for each picture

* The name and email address of the photographer that will be published on My Car Quest

2) You must be an email subscriber to My Car Quest before you submit your photos. So, if you are not an email subscriber now go to the top right of the page and subscribe.

3) I will pick my favorite picture and that will be the winner.

4) The second and third place pictures will win a free eBook version of European Style with American Muscle and the top ten pictures will be published on My Car Quest giving credit to the photographer.

5) By submitting a picture you agree that you have the rights to the picture and that you are granting me permission to publish the submitted picture.

6) This contest ends at midnight California time on Wednesday September 7, 2011. All entries must be received by this time. The winners will be announced within one week after the contest ends.

7) Photos previously published on My Car Quest are not eligible.

8) My family are not eligible to win anything.

Let's have some fun and good luck!

Subscribe to My Car Quest by email, go to the top of the page on the right side and enter your email address.

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