Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cool Fastbacks

by Mike -

My first memory of a fastback is the 1965 Ford Mustang. It was so different than other cars. It is great that the fastback improves aerodynamics, and thus speed, but it also looks cool, which is important.

1965 Ford Mustang

There are other style features that improve the cars speed but do not look so cool, like wings on the tail section (think about the Plymouth Superbird, fast but not so good looking).

It is likely that the Stout Scarab is the first example of a fastback, although that term was not used in the 1930s.

Stout Scarab

The 1948 Tatra T87 was also early to the fastback style

Here are some other cool fastbacks.

1954 Bentley

I have always liked the Dodge Charger style, I had a slot car that looked just like this.

1966 Dodge Charger

The Ferrari 250GTE usually does not get respect in the Ferrari world because it is a 2+2 but I have always loved this body style.

1962 Ferrari 250GTE

1969 AMC AMX

1966 Shelby GT350 H

Notice how flat the rear window is on the Bizzarrini

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This custom front air dam helps the Bizzarrini at high speed but it does not help at a car show

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