Friday, September 16, 2011

This Iso Grifo Was For Sale 5 Years Ago-Part 2

by Mike - 

As I said yesterday I looked at this Iso Grifo for sale in August 2006. This is a very early Iso Grifo, chassis number GL*650009.

It was not in very good condition so I passed. Today it is two years into a full restoration. Here are pictures that I took two days ago at California Classic's in Burlingame, California along with some of the pictures from 2006.

The dent on the front left fender was done by the owner during our test drive.

This is a whole new front end shipped in from Italy.

There were several indications of rust as you can see on the trunk lid above.

The rust was there.

But now there is a new trunk lid.

The engine did not seem to be in very good condition.

But the original license plate from Italy was riveted onto the fan shroud.

No engine in yet.

Note above that this car does not have the air vent on the top of the left fender to match the gas tank filler opening on the right top fender. This is rare. Also, the gas filler cap lid does not have air vents, also unusual. This is likely because this is a very early car - the ninth Grifo built!

Nice steering wheel and gauges.

Red paint showing through, there are several indications that this car was red. I saw that is my photos from 2006 as well.

Chassis ID number in 2006.

Chassis ID number now.

My thanks to Charles Potts for being kind enough to allow me access to his shop.

It will be great to see this former beauty on the road and beautiful again, hopefully in Monterey next year.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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  1. Beautiful!
    Did they never build any cars for the states with a miles tacho?

  2. Gabriele,

    An Iso originally shipped to the US had the odometer and speedometer in miles as do my Grifo and my Rivolta GT.

    The Bizzarrini, however, uses something called "km" instead of miles.