Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Was Enrico Nardi?

by Mike -

When I hear the name Nardi I think about classic steering wheels. Enrico Nardi contributed much more to motor sport than steering wheels. He worked at Lancia and he worked with Enzo Ferrari at Alfa Romeo. He died in 1966. His obituary, published in Road & Track, is illuminating.

The company he started is still around today and has evolved into Nardi-Personal S.p.A.

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  2. Mike - this is a very cool article. I've wanted a Nardi steering wheel since I was a teenager. That says something but I don't know what.

    Nardi died 4 days after Renzo Rivolta. Both of their obituaries are on the same page in the December 1966 Road & Track magazine that you told me about (cover is a Bizzarrini of course)


  3. Bruce,

    I have always liked classic steering wheels too. I have a Nardi in my Bizzarrini and it looks great.