Monday, February 28, 2011

Spyker C8

by Mike -

In 2005 I had a test drive in the new Spyker C8 Spyder. My test driver was Rene Villeneuve, cousin to Jacque and nephew to Gilles. It was a very quick test drive, at least while Rene was driving. I was a little more cautious when I was behind the wheel.

The Spyker is perhaps the most unusual design for a modern super car. I have always wanted one but have not bought one yet. It is really art on wheels with aluminum used extensively, very high quality leather interior, a mid-mounted high power Audi V8 and design features not seen on other cars.

I did not video my test drive but fortunately Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear did have a camera along for his test drive. The Stig also drives in the video below.

Visit Spyker here and there are two for sale on eBay now. I also read today that Spyker is selling the sports car business so that they can focus on Saab, read the press release here.

Click on the Images for a larger view.

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