Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Favorite Cars - Results From Arizona - Russo & Steele

by Mike - 

Below are results for my favorite cars at the Russo and Steele auction in red text.

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

This was the high sale and sold for $1,705,000.

Russo and Steele does not publish an estimated price range, so I will be showing the price range from a condition 2 to a condition 1 car using the latest issue of Hagerty's Cars That Matter Price Guide (the CTM guide range).

1972 DeTomaso Pantera - Offered Without Reserve - CTM guide range - $44,250 - $53,800

Sold for $63,800

Ford power, placed behind the driver, with Italian styling can make for an excellent car. Russo and Steele says "This is a Concours level complete bolt and nut restoration". It also was in a movie. This looks like a great Pantera, see the video below - I love the yellow color.

1965 Maserati 3500 GT - Offered Without Reserve - CTM guide range - $88,500 - $102,000

Sold for $110,000

Styled by Carrozzeria Touring this was an important model in Maserati's history. Russo and Steele says "Finished in the correct factory shade of blue, it was recently professionally refinished, color-sanded and buffed following a comprehensive exterior dis-assembly for a high-quality finish." A Maserati that looked similar to this one won its class at Hillsborough earlier this year - great looking car.

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 - CTM guide range - $199,000 - $255,000

Not Sold

This seems like a lot of money for a Mustang - but this is not an ordinary Mustang. Boss 429s were not race cars but they did have a race car engine and are very fast, at least in a straight line. And if you have every heard one drive by you cannot forget the great sound. The color is a pale Pastel blue - these cars have real presence.

1965 Shelby GT350R - CTM guide range - $590,000 - $770,000

Not Sold

Wow, another very expensive Mustang - but this is even more special than the Boss 429. This is one of the rare (only 34 were made) Shelby GT350 R models, R stands for race. I have written about Shelby GT350 before and earlier this week I wrote about another GT350 R model for sale at Gooding - what a week this will be when two of these rare cars come up for auction at the same time! This car had a successful race career in South America and will always be welcome at vintage races or car shows.

So, these are some of the cars that I like at the upcoming Russo and Steele auction in Arizona. Make up your own mind - read more and see more pictures at Russo and Steele

My original post is here.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Below is a picture from the Russo and Steele auction in Monterey, August 2008.


  1. Mike, love the Pantera! Wish I had more room in my garage. Thanks for all of your hard work putting together this terrific blog.


  2. It looks like Pantera prices are going up!