Friday, February 25, 2011

The Reserve Was Not Met On My Iso Rivolta eBay Listing

by Mike -

I listed my Iso Rivolta GT for auction on eBay 12 days ago. The auction ended this past Wednesday after 10 days and the reserve price was not met. There were more than 3500 visitors, 244 watchers,13 different bidders and 40 total bids - so a lot of interest.

The bidding started at $200 and ended at $35,601. I have more than $50,000 invested in this car (none of it wasted) and I included an original Owner's Manual and Parts Catalog, both are rare and together are worth around $1,000 (I bought these separately). The sale of this car was not planned when I bought it last August as I described in the eBay listing.

It seems that eBay bidders are looking for a bargain (OK, so we all are). It would be difficult to buy one of the other recent Iso Rivoltas that have come up for public sale with price ranges of more than $20,000 and then spend the money it would take to make those cars as good as mine for less than $50,000 total.

Buying a poor condition car would cost much more in the end. I remember advice from Keith Martin, the Editor of Sports Car Market Magazine, "Buy the best car you can afford".

The expired eBay listing for my Iso Rivolta is here.

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