Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tesla Roadster - Test Ride

by Mike - 

We were able to land a test ride in the new Tesla Roadster in August 2006 at Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week.

This was the early period for this new electric car and the transmission was stuck in second gear. There were only two forward gears plus reverse. This has been corrected of course and Tesla has been producing these cars for a few years. I notice that the new models have a fixed single forward gear. The performance with second gear only was still fantastic, the acceleration was very quick and the only sound was a humming noise. It seemed like it would do 0-60 MPH in about 4 seconds as Tesla claimed, so maybe only one forward gear is needed.

There were two demo cars, one red and one black. It is possible that these were the only running Tesla Roadsters in the US in August 2006 (if this is not accurate then I am sure someone from Tesla will correct me).

A test ride in one of the most exotic cars in the world and on the cell phone!

But with me, I am smiling and paying attention to the drive.

I almost bought a Tesla Roadster and still have thoughts about this fun, quick little car that implements a very innovative use of all electric power, a world first.

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