Thursday, December 9, 2010

One of The Best - Iso Grifo Chassis No. GL910233

by Mike

This 1969 Iso Grifo is one of the best Grifos on the planet. Owned by Darren Frank, a rare second generation Grifo owner. Darren drives this special car hundreds of miles to car events and then proceeds to win awards that other car owners can only fantasize about. Like the best of show at the Car Club Jamboree at Hilton Head Island in November 2010. There were about 200 other cars at this event but the judges liked this Grifo better than any other car.

Here is an article in the Washington Times that describes the history of how Darren came to own this car. This Grifo was also featured in Classic Motorsports magazine this past July.

Here is Darren and his prize winning car.

All of the pictures are here.

Here is a Sports Car Digest article about the Hilton Head Island Concours.


  1. How does he keep it so clean?

  2. I suspect that Darren cleans it regularly and maybe does not drive it in the rain?

    I know he drives it frequently.


  3. I do drive it frequently, and while I try to keep it out of the rain, actually got caught in the aftermath of a hurricane while driving it to Amelia Island for the concours there.

    I also clean it after each drive, and fully detail it for each show, which can take 4-8 hours depending upon 1) how crazy I want to get or 2) how far I had to drive to get to the concours--it's never trailered EVER.