Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish - Part 2

by Mike

There are many V12 Vanquish cars for sale today, they range in price from around $80,000 to around $150,000. Not a bad value considering what you get and that the original MSRP was more than $230,000.

My biggest complaint was that they made most of them with the paddle shift transmission. Aston Martin Works Service, however, would convert a car to manual shift for a price. This first car shown here has had that conversion.

The 2003 car below is at Autosports Designs in New York for $117,500 and has 16,000 miles.

Below is a 2006 Vanquish S black car in Florida listed on eBay for $119,900. It has only 12,500 miles.

Here is a silver 2003 with 18,383 miles for only $78,799 in Arizona listed on the duPont Registry.

As with many other late model cars do not expect any value appreciation. A pre-purchase inspection and history review are important.

Below is a Vanquish brochure.

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