Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iso Rivolta GT Restoration

by Mike

Bruce Caron, a friend of mine, is restoring an Iso Rivolta GT and is doing a significant amount of the work himself.

Below are pictures of what he started with.

Bruce and his Iso Rivolta.

Bruce says, "It was my brother-in-law's car.  I can remember driving around with him when I was in high school. It sat for about 18 years in a driveway then when my brother-in-law died his son asked me if I wanted it.  He said if I didn't take it the car would be towed away for scrap.

When I got it everything from the radiator up to and including the drive-line was gone.  A family of rats had been living in the back seat, the paint was cracked and in some places lifting off like an old piece of tile - it was a huge mess."

Something is definitely missing.

This is where he is today.

You can see the beautiful Iso Rivolta GT shape coming back to life.

This is going to look great, 327 cid Corvette - very fast too.

When Bruce is done it will look like one of these cars below, or likely better.

This is what the engine bay will look like.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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  1. Mike, a great tribute to all of Bruce's hard work. Thanks for sharing!