Friday, December 24, 2010

Iso Grifo 7 Liter

by Mike

In 1968 Piero Rivolta, President of Iso, decided to produce a more powerful Iso Grifo and installed a Corvette 427 cid (7 liter) engine into a Grifo. The engine did not fit in a compartment intended for the 327 cid, so Iso designed the pagoda hood scoop to accommodate the larger engine. It is probably the most unusual engine hood scoop ever and people either love it or hate it. I love it.

There were 65 7 Liter Grifos produced between 1968 and 1970. Below is an Iso brochure showing the first 7 Liter. Notice the top speed is listed as 300 km/h (186 MPH) - very fast. The power is listed as 400 hp, this seems a little low to me.

A distinctive 7 Liter badge was placed on the side to let the casual observer know what was under that unusual hood.

Below are pictures of a series two 7 Liter Grifo.

I am not aware of any 7 Liter Grifos for sale now.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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