Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something Seems To Be Missing Here

by Mike - 

This is the radiator cap on a Bentley. The coiled copper tube is hollow and is connected to the radiator coolant fluid.

I think that the Bentley coolant fluid would overflow onto the top of the radiator if it were to over heat. It would make a real mess.

A similar radiator cap set up on this 1923 Aston Martin has a tube that connects to the cap and runs down the front of the radiator. This allows the coolant fluid to overflow onto the ground if it over heats. 

This is better than coolant fluid flowing on top of the beautiful radiator and grill.

The drive shaft seems to be missing from this 1935 Shaw Indy Roadster below.

The drive shaft should be near the drivers feet and legs as in this 1958 Epperly Indy Roadster below.

It does not seem very safe but that is the way they were back then.

Click on the images for a larger view. 

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  1. Federico Negri has a bunch of pix of their raw alloy A3C up. They may have been from last summer, as they are not labeled, but anyway,Facebook has placed them before me on my sidebar, and you can access them there and see for yerself. Ciao!