Monday, May 16, 2011

Iso Grifo Sold - Why The Near Record Price?

by Mike - 

Ex-Mike Hailwood and Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" Iso Grifo sold at Coys.

"The result this Grifo reached seems to be surpising everybody ... except me"... says a friend of mine who is an Iso expert and collector and who was able to inspect this car in person.

He went on to say, "The car has had a no expense spared restoration over the last 3 years where EVERYTHING was done to a very high standard at a huge cost, with a view to the originality (correct paint colour, correct leather type, correct engine bay details etc...).

THIS is what a collector is looking for, QUALITY.

Plus the car was bought new by Mike Hailwood, who is, at least here in the UK, still (all the years after his untimely death) a legend and many a guy of my generation´s HERO ... the Beatles connection was, in my humble opinion, just the gravy on the meat and potatoes of the above.

THIS is what a collector is looking for, HISTORY.

An Iso historian put together a very thick file on the car, documenting it from new, originals of the magazines it was featured in, documents, photos plus all of the restoration information.

THIS is what a collector is looking for, AUTHENTICITY."

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