Monday, May 2, 2011

Bizzarrini Racing at Le Mans

by Mike -

The video below shows Bizzarrini race cars being driven in earnest at Le Mans in 1964-1966.

Sam Posey was the driver who ran into the dirt in the Number 11 GT 5300 (at 1:13 on the video) because of brakes according to Mr. Posey. He was driving chassis number BA4 0106.

Number 11 was a DNF, disqualified because of a pit violation. Posey's co-drivers were Massimo Natili, Pierre Noblet and Regis Fraissinet.

Edgar Berney spins out in the Number 10 P538, chassis number 003, at the beginning of the race (2:54 on the video). It is now believed that this may have been caused by an undisclosed health problem.

Number 10 was a DNF due to a cooling system failure. Berney's co-drivers were Andre Wicky, Frank Ruata and Roberto Bussinello.

This video was made by Gerhard Glazer.

My thanks to Todd Varble.

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