Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lamborghini Espada

by Mike

An interesting car, not the most beautiful Italian design but funky and cool in its own way. It has that great V12 engine designed by Giotto Bizzarrini and will carry four people in style, quickly. There have been several for sale recently. This orange one, located in Wisconsin, is on eBay now here with a starting price of $39,000.

I really like this orange and it is an original car according to the seller.

This green one below is for sale at Gullwing Motors in New York here for only $17,500.

There is not much information in the ad and the car looks a little rough in the other pictures. A close inspection would be advisable.

There are ten more for sale now in Europe listed on the Anamera site here with prices up to 62,500 Euros.


  1. My friend just took delivery of the green car this weekend past.

  2. Great, I hope it is a good car. I have wanted an Espada for a while but have not be able to buy one. I bought an Iso Grifo and an Iso Rivolta in 2010 so they keep me busy.

    Thanks for the comment.