Monday, November 29, 2010

Lamborghini 350GT and 400GT

by Mike

The 350GT was Lamborghini's first car and the V12 engine was designed by Giotto Bizzarrini. Lamborghini produced 143 examples of this model and this car put Lamborghini in the game with Ferrari.

This red 1965 Lamborghini 350GT Superleggera is for sale at Fantasy Junction with a price of $245,000.

I drove this car a few months ago and it does drive very well. It is not a show car but could likely be a good weekend driver.

The 1965 car below is listed for sale on the duPont Regristry with a price of $449,000. The seller claims this car has had a "concours level restoration". It would need to be to justify this price. The pictures do look great.

In 1966 the 400GT followed the 350GT in the Lamborghini model lineup and had a larger engine (4 liters compared to 3.5 liters for the 350GT) but just as important the 400GT had a small back seat (2 plus 2). The exterior styling is very similar with 244 examples produced.

The car below is a 1966 400GT for sale at Lamborghini Houston for $329,750. This car is "finished in Dark Grey Metallic over beautiful Red Leather" and is a multiple award winning car. It is also listed on eBay here.

The red 1968 400GT below is listed on eBay here for $285,000.

If I had room and the money I would love to add one of these cars to my garage.

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  1. Love the 350/400s. Great blog Mike! Keep up the good work.

    Eric Sands