Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Ferrari for Less Than $50,000

by Mike

Yes you can join the exclusive Ferrari owners club for less than $50,000 but why not join the even more exclusive non-red Ferrari owners club? This yellow 1989 328 GTS below will do the job. It is for sale by Michael Sheehan for $49,500. The purchase price is just the start though with Ferrari, be careful with maintenance cost and any repairs that may need to be done right away.

Here is a beautiful blue 1994 Ferrari 348 Spider listed on eBay for $44,999. The seller says it is "ready for the road".

This 1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is listed for $27,500 at Bobileff Motorcar Company.

They are out there - the Ferrari for less than $50,000.

A proper pre-purchase inspection is always recommended. Also, be sure that you fit in the car - remember how Tom Selleck's head stuck out the top of the Ferrari he drove on his TV show Magnum P.I.?

Just before I posted this I received an email from Michael Sheehan with his article from the December issue of Sports Car Market titled "Finding a Ferrari for $100k or less". I did write this post above before I saw his article. It seems we are thinking along the same lines but my number is half of his target and he does not mention color.

His summary:

these Ferraris are fully depreciated
the newer the Ferrari the better
do not buy a car with needs
define your budget, understand the cost of maintenance
always do a pre-purchase inspection
spend more up front

All good advice from the expert.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Check out this series of links:

    It's from the Ferrari club of Spain. At the bottom of the page you can continue on to see the entire line of cars... Cool pics - and great basic info (I was looking for some carb info on different models and found it very helpful)