Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ford GT40s For Sale - In 1971

by Mike -

More than one GT40 for sale in the same magazine! Even in 1971 a used Ford GT 40 was $15,000, however, it still would have been a great investment.

These classified ads are from the April 1971 issue of Road & Track

Click on the images for a larger view.

The advertisements below are from the same magazine. Remember the Pinto? I have not seen one for many years.

I had forgotten that the Vega was the Car of the Year. Again, I have not seen one for many years.


  1. The GT40s always get a lot of attention as well as being a target for replicars (I recall the FiberFab Avenger among many) but your listing of a Mk IV is unusual. I haven't seen any in vintage racing nor any special focus on the Mk IVs since then. I wonder how many survived? Where are they?

  2. According to Wikipedia only 6 Mk IVs were made. It would be great to see one racing again.

    Now that you mention Fiberfab, I plan to write about kit cars in the future.

  3. Also, notice that the seller is the same for both GT40 ads.